Tizzie Hall – The Baby Whisperer

Tizzie has been a wean meister supporter since the beginning in 2010.  She will only promote products that she has tried, tested and adored.

The following blog post is an old one from 2011.  However, it really highlights how wean meister stacks up against other similar products on the market.

The article explains why Wean Meister is the very best choice on the market, and the author could not think of any negative points for Wean Meister at all.  Six years later, we continue to have a great wholesale relationship with Tizzie and we continue to delight her followers, who are looking for the very best on the market.

Tizzie was so impressed with the high quality of wean meister products, she recommends us to all of her customers.  It is included in her promotional marketing flier.

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