homemade baby food
homemade baby food

So what is BPA and what is all the fuss?

I was as confused as the next person about this “BPA” which suddenly seems to be in all our babies products.  As a Mum I was slightly concerned.  What is BPA?  And is it really a danger to my child? So I decided to find out and below is a summary of the facts. ...

BPA free Storage Containers

It is no wonder that many parents are now searching for BPA free storage containers as they are concerned about the possible effects BPA will have on their growing babies. BPA is a chemical found in some plastics, when this is heated it causes the chemical to leech...

Breast Milk Storage Containers

Blog. wean meister is about more than just weaning. It is about a love of motherhood and a love of life! Breast Milk Storage Containers Breast feeding gives your baby such a great start in life and is a wonderful bonding experience between Mum and baby. But it’s...

How to Store Breast Milk

How to Store Breast Milk After you have successfully expressed some breast milk, either by hand or with a manual or electric breast pump you may be wondering how to store breast milk? If you have washed your hands before pumping, your milk should be OK in room...

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