homemade baby food
homemade baby food

Mini Xmas Puddings!

Mini Xmas Puddings This Christmas why not use your Freezer Pod to make your own little Christmas puddings? Take them along to a party to share with with family and friends. You would be forgiven for thinking Freezer Pods were actually designed for this purpose!  ...

Spooky Eyes

This Halloween, why not make some seriously spooky eyes, using your Freezer Pods, a kiwi, some jelly and some blueberries.   - This idea was brought to you by Instagram friends @izzyandoscar.  And has been featured by the Daily Advertiser!  ...

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurts! For this you will need to make some adaptions to the Freezer Pod.  You will need to cut some stick holes into the lid.  It is very easy to do.  You can use a Stanley knife and a ruler.  The silicone is very easy to cut, so don’t apply too much pressure...

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