Awesome for baby

and the whole family!

adorabowls baby bowls


Awesome for Baby

and the whole family!

Beautifully designed baby bowls.

AdoraBowls are fun and loved by the whole family!

Created because parents wanted a microwave safe solution for defrosting their home-made baby food.

Upon request we ended up making them bigger so the whole family could enjoy them!

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  • AB_01
  • AB_02
  • AB_03
  • AB_04
  • AB_05
  • AB_06
  • AB_07
  • AB_08
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adorabowls safe baby bowls

The suction lid is surprisingly strong

At expo’s, we like to challenge the Dads to pull off the lid without squeezing the top button.

Everyone is surprised – It can’t be done!

“I use my AdoraBowls for feeding my 3 and 7 year old home-made meals on the days I am at work.
I freeze the leftovers of other meals in the AdoraBowls and then at the end of a long day I just stick them in the microwave and don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner! Glad to be getting so many years out of them”

Kelly - Windsor

abdorabowls baby bowls

Great for the whole family!

“I just wanted to let you know how much we love the AdoraBowls. I wondered if 6 would be too many, but now I am considering getting 12!
We use them all the time for Mikey (8 months), and my 2 older daughters and even Brett likes to make Bircher Muesli in them and leave in the fridge for the mornings. They are awesome!”.

Lucile - Fitzroy

Wean Meister exceeds safety guidelines and uses high grade LFGB silicone. This is because your baby’s safety is paramount.

You can tell ours is LFGB grade by squeezing the silicone – you will not see a white line. The white line is an indication of the fillers used in other cheaper grades.

adotabowls baby bowls high grade silicone
  • CAPACITY 300ml: Great for babies, kids, even parents!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: AdoraBowls are bacteria resistant
  • WON’T SCRATCH OR SCUFF: Will last for years
  • CAN BE USED IN THE OVEN: Up to 240°c
  • SOFT AND SMOOTH TO TOUCH: Just like your baby