Amazon - The Risk to small independent Australian Owned Business

Wean Meister is a thriving family owned business, however Amazon remains our biggest business lesson to date.

When first time Mum Sarah (me) started Wean Meister in 2009, I was proud to have spent the time and money in developing a new product from scratch.

Coming from a primary school teaching and then marketing background, the early days of the business were spent on numerous aspects of learning about business and growing a young family.

I was unprepared and unprotected when our mold was stolen by a cowboy manufacturer and I will always pay the price for that business mistake.

Since 2013, there have been DOZENS of rip off versions from this one stolen mold. More details here.

I can’t stress enough how just because a product looks the same in an image, it is by far inferior to the touch.
This rip off factory makes our Freezer Pods thin and flimsy and most importantly, uses the cheapest silicone they can find to sell at rock bottom prices.

Wean Meister is all about quality. We always have been. I couldn’t sleep at night unless I knew I was selling the highest-grade silicone, because baby’s health and well being is the most important value in our business.
We have always had the option of buying for cheaper and making more money. It is not the way we roll. Safety is our greatest priority!
If there was no such thing as Amazon, these copy cat businesses wouldn’t have even got off the ground. Amazon made it easy for them to buy a ripped off product and just stick it up to sell without any effort at all.

These people don’t really care about you their end user.

They are just interested in the sale, and it is a race to the bottom as they all use the cheapest materials they can find to sell at the rock bottom’est price.

We will not compete in this market.

Luckily we don’t have to, with nearly 10 years seller customer reputation behind us we thrive without having to compete against copy cats.

A big shout out for all our customers who recognize and appreciate high quality – especially when it comes to their babies. We stand with you! ;o)