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Update – 11/05/18

We actually ‘shot ourselves in the foot’ in a way, proving our ownership to the original Freezer Pods mold through our copyright images (see post below).

Numerous times we were able to get dozens of businesses closed down on Amazon U.S. due to this proof. However a year later, the factory that ripped us off, cleaned our images off the top of the mold, and therefore still able to keep selling on Amazon.

It is upsetting. But we know one thing. Copy cats never prosper. If you won’t come up with an original idea in the first place, you won’t get ahead of us.
We are forever grateful to our thousands of customers, who continually support us through word of mouth sales – telling their friends about our fantastic quality. And for coming back to purchase our other unique products, of which we now have 7 in total.

Copyright Infringement – 2016

This page acts as a cease and desist to those that sell products from Wean Meister designed molds; and to educate those that perhaps didn’t know about our copyright and that Wean Meister is the original owner of this product/mold.
Wean Meister is a reputable brand. We design and produce our own unique products and strive to provide the highest quality for our customers.

Freezer Pods were unique to Wean Meister since 2010. Unfortunately fraudulent products created/stolen from Wean Meister’s mold are now being sold through Alibaba and now sadly re-sold though Amazon. You won’t find another business selling Freezer Pod rip off’s before 2013 – which is the date that they were stolen.

Having reviewed these products we can report they are flimsy in comparison and not made with high grade LFGB grade silicone – they look the same to the eye, from the perspective of the online shopper, but not to the touch.

As the rightful owner of this product Wean Meister strives to do everything in its power to protect it’s products and reputation. It is disheartening to see years of work being ripped off and sold cheaply on Alibaba. Copyright infringement is theft, therefore this page is to state Wean Meister’s position.

It is very easy to spot a fraudulent Freezer Pod, disguised under a different name, as they have Wean Meister’s images embossed across the top of the product.

The image of the baby face, strawberries, pumpkin and apple are taken directly from Wean Meister’s packaging as designed by Wean Meister’s graphic artist in 2011. One year after their initial launch, they applied the new imagery to their mold for this very reason; to prevent fraud.

Another way to spot a fraudulent Freezer Pod seller is that their company name is printed on, instead of embossed. The manufacturers can then cheaply and easily on sell the product to hundreds of ‘want to be’ brands. Authentic brands that pay for their own molds and design have their logo embossed, for permanence.

Finally, it is easy to see a ‘rip off’ Brand, as they won’t have any back story, or little or no online presence apart from their Amazon shopping cart.

If we are able to convince Amazon to stop selling products laced with copyright infringement, we are able to cut out their main sales channel and put this theft to an end very quickly.

All fine details and proof of our copyright, as set out by our designer can be viewed here:

Wean Meister Illustration Copyright Info – Crackers Art