Freezer Pod Rip Offs!

What you should know...

  Just because they look the same in a photo, doesn't mean they are going to be the same to the touch.
Freezer Pod rip offs are inferior quality - this means that they are not made out of the same high standard silicone material.
Wean meister has strict quality controls in place, as verified by globally recognised certification.  We take quality extremely seriously.  your baby's well-being is paramount.
Wean Meister is a transparent family operated business.  Our history is long and proud.  We made the freezer pods mold from scratch in 2010.
You will not find a copy cat business that has been in existence before 2013, which was the first time our mold was stolen.  This includes the dozens of amazon businesses.
Our ethos is not to get upset or discouraged about copy cats but instead let it motivate us to continue innovating.
We currently hold another 7 unique products in our range.
Fortunately we are still able to thrive because our customers value our quality materials and customer service.
Wean Meister will not compete with inferior brands on Amazon, which is a race to the bottom, with no regard to well-being or quality.