How my phantom pregnancy helped me discover my life’s purpose!



phantom pregnancy



Phantom Pregnancy… Did you ever hear of it?  Have you ever experienced one…?


We were visiting some friends on the Gold Coast – Dream World, BBQ’s, that kind of thing…  The girls were 5 and 8 years old now, we were definitely enjoying the family freedom that those kinds of ages bring!

I was NOT I repeat NOT broody… I never wanted any more kids.  I was very happy with my 2 thank you very much.  Truth be told, it was challenging enough!

I was due on my period, but instead I kept getting that fizzy feeling in my boobs… do you know it?  That let-down reflex feeling where you’re about to start breast feeding.

It was WEIRD!  I hadn’t felt that for years…  Strong, physical and a bit painful!  My boobs would actually go like rocks, not just a sensation. 


…. In the end I was saying to my partner Derek and my friend Anne-Marie – “It’s happening, feel it!!!  Oh my god they are like rocks!?”

It was so weird.

My period never came.  It was never late.

On the drive home from that holiday, I was so convinced I was pregnant I didn’t even see the point in wasting money on a test.  I was kind of mortified.  Going back to ‘Babyland’ was not in the plan…

Days passed I eventually got that test.

It was NEGATIVE!?  WHAT!?  I didn’t even want a baby, and now I find myself crying because I actually did!?

Agh what a hormonal roller coaster, perhaps I do want another baby?  No one more shocked than my partner!
We started talking about it a lot, even at friend’s houses.  Next thing you know, Bobs your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt, I’m pregnant.

Well, that’s bloody exciting.  We really did want this after all!

The kids were over the moon with joy.  I told them about 10 minutes after I found out because I was crippled with morning sickness.

In fact, so much so that my GP suggested I go for a scan to rule out twins… Oh I thought, the kids are going to be so disappointed when it’s not twins…

Except it bloody WAS TWINS!!

The screen at the scanning clinic looked like an owl, with 2 big eyes staring back at us. I questioned the sonographer who said, urmm, I can’t say yet, I have to see if there are any more (Shocked face emoji!).

Then it was a palm to face moment – Oh yeah… now I remember going to have my ovaries scanned a couple of years before (about something else entirely) and that sonographer asked was I on fertility medication, because I had ‘RATHER A LOT OF EGGS!!?’

Wow, I’d totally forgotten about that until now…


I’m going to skip forward in the story now, because, well, I’m not writing a novel…  But let me just summarize by saying having twins was absolutely next level, physically and emotionally.

Safe to say it broke and shattered me many, many times.

There were even times I didn’t know if I would survive – dramatic I know…

You see having multiples, or even children close together in age, can just put you in such a lonely place.

It’s not the right time for details here, but I had to fight my PND sooo hard, and somehow I managed to alienate myself from my friends and even my own family.

I diligently put myself back together time and time again.

And I tried everything, but the only thing that really and truly supported me like nothing else, was my Yoga!

I forced myself to give up alcohol, for a 12-month experiment – at a time when I realised I could easily become an alcoholic if I wasn’t careful.

My Yoga held me very strongly that year, and got me thinking about my Dharma – which is the Yogic word for life’s purpose.

I was lucky that Wean Meister had continued to thrive in this time, and I had all the business support in place to let me have the time that I needed.

I started yoga teacher training – to deepen my practise.  A bit silly timing really, with 2 year old twins.  Never one to do things by halves.

I realised that I have a strong Dharma in this lifetime to support Mum’s, who are up to their neck in it, with nowhere to turn.

I have this vision, of one day, completing my yoga teaching, and creating a safe place for Mum’s to come, for a break, and to connect in with their Souls.
Kind of like a charity, where we will pay for professional nannies to mind the kids, while the Mum’s rebuild themselves, from the inside out.

This is my long-term goal – to have my business (wean meister) working for me to enable me to support our community, for free.

For now, I am #1 – raising my own babies, best I can – twins are currently 3, ahem.. very demanding, and my beautiful older daughters, who are growing into wonderful young ladies.
And #2 – building the business baby (wean meister), so it has enough profit in the tank to support my lofty future goals.

For now, we give to our chosen charity – save the children – a very worthy cause.


Anyway – VERY exciting things happening with wean meister.

Mind blowingly unique ideas our in production now, that are going to be rolled out across the world, with high hopes of great financial success.  That I can then go on to share with the world.

Stay tuned to wean meister – so you can follow along with the growth journey that you helped to make possible!