Stardust Baby Astrology FAQ's

What if my child has the same signs for sun, moon and/or rising?

If the same signs appear – then it is likely that your child has a stellium in that sign.
A stellium occurs when there are 3 or more planets in one sign.
This means that the energy of this sign will be particularly magnified for your child.

It is worth knowing that we all contain the energies of all of the signs in varying degrees.  None are better or worse than the other.

As we understand our baby’s natal chart (the snap shot of all the planets in the sky, at the moment of birth), we are simply more aware of their strengths and limitations.  On a personal level you can reveal your true purpose in this lifetime… whoaw!


What about Twins?

I have twins, so I have been fascinated to watch how the slightest differences in their natal chart play out.  Let me explain it the way I understand it…

Yoga teaches us about the 5 subtle layers of humankind:

  1. The Physical Layer – skin, bones, muscle
  2. The Energetic Layer – blood, lymphatic, fascia
  3. The Mental Layer – emotions, thoughts, nervous system
  4. The Awareness Layer – insights and consciousness, that people access in meditation and mindfulness
  5. The Pure Layer – Radiant Bliss – The goal of yoga

The energetic blueprint we speak of in astrology has a subtle effect on the subtle layers of human kind.

Key word is subtle – I said it 3 times! (laugh emoji)
The energetics of astrology, as I have learnt are so very subtle, but undeniably real.

We also take into account nature vs nurture, genetics and soul wisdom.

So in the case of twins – especially fraternal/non-identical like mine, it really highlights the subtleties of that astrological energetic blue print.
I am always noticing the similarities and differences.  And I am a Gemini Moon, so of course I over think all of it, haha

OK, now this is way deeper than I intended.