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Tizzie Hall - The Baby Whisperer

Tizzie has been a Wean Meister supporter since the beginning in 2010. She will only promote products that she has tried, tested and adored.

The following blog post is an old one from 2011. However, it really highlights how wean meister stacks up against other similar products on the market. The article explains why Wean Meister is the very best choice on the market, and the author could not think of any negative points for Wean Meister at all.

Six years later, we continue to have a great wholesale relationship with Tizzie and we continue to delight her followers, who are looking for the very best on the market. 

Review Excerpt:

Wean Meister Freezer Pods
Pros: AMAZING! This is a product that when you use you will think why didn’t I invent this and why have I not had one of these for all my childbearing life? Amazing for these reasons…

1)Silicone is flexible and durable so it really is the perfect choice of material for getting frozen cubes of food and milk out of. No snapping plastics bits, you just push up from the bottom and out they pop.

2)Silicone is non-toxic free from BPAs and bonus is that Silicone is antibacterial. It can safely and easily be cleaned in dishwasher.

3) Perfect portions because the pods are ideal size cubes for any stage of solids because you can fill the pods as much or as little as you like. Half fill for the newbie eaters and for the hungry ones fill ‘em to the top!

4)The design is very freezer friendly, although takes up more space then the Qubies. They are also stackable making multiple batches easy.

5) Magnificently multipurpose and reusable product. Some ideas for using the pods: mini muffin trays, jelly moulds, ice pop moulds (stick a ice pop stick in there when they freeze), kids paint palette, make sand castles with them, use for sorting activities, freezing homemade pestos and sauces, ideas are endless as imaginative as you like!

Cons: Seriously, I can’t think of one. I LOVE this product!

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