Easy Rinse Baby Bibs

Comfortable, Waterproof
Easy to clean Bibs

Easy Rinse Baby Bibs

Comfortable, Waterproof,

Easy to Clean

Guaranteed to save you tonnes of washing

Once you have tried wean meister, you will never need another baby bib!
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“I have just placed an order for some bibs! I have been using your products since my daughter Ivy was born 4 years ago and now all over again for our little 4mth old Stella. They are without a doubt the best products on the market! I had given the bibs to my sister when she had a baby and now realise how much I miss the super easy to clean ones that you have (as I have a constant soaking tub of cloth bibs in the laundry – urgh!)”

Donna - Ravenswood WA

Choose between our cute forest friends theme or classic plain style…

“I have used the bib this morning and I absolutely love how soft and flexible it is compared to others on the market, and that there is a lot of scope to adjust it to fit my 15 month old’s tiny neck. ”.

Janet – Algester QLD

  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND UNRESTRICTIVE: Won’t get in your baby’s way!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Easy Rinse Bibs are bacteria resistant
  • WATERPROOF: Protects clothes from food and drink
  • CRUMB TRAY: Catches food, gives your baby a second chance to eat!
  • DURABLE: Resists scratches and stains
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Print will not wash off
  • SOFT AND SMOOTH TO TOUCH: Incredibly comfy to wear
  • ADJUSTABLE NECK: Easily fits 6 months to 3 years