Freezer Pods

Nutritious Home-made Baby Food ready to serve in seconds

Freezer Pods

Nutritious Home-made Baby Food ready to serve in seconds

baby food freezer tray

Making your own baby food is the cheapest solution and most importantly it gives you peace of mind that your baby is getting the most nutritious start in life.

freezer pods will save you time and money

With our flexible silicone freezer pods, you will be able to quickly and easily pop out the frozen food and have it ready to serve in seconds!

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“About 4 years ago, I was looking for something to freeze slightly larger portions of food for my baby. Then I came across the pods. Oh my gosh have we gotten our use out of them! I absolutely love them! For baby food, muffins, freezing stock. I use them every day, and now for my second baby who’s just started to eat”

Jennifer – Cronulla

One of the favourite features of the freezer pods is how many ways they can be re-used after the weaning phase.
More than just a baby food freezer tray.
You will find more details over on the blog…

“In an age of eco concern, it is refreshing to buy a product that goes beyond its original purpose”.

Toscha – Marrikville

Wean Meister exceeds safety guidelines and uses high grade LFGB silicone. This is because your baby’s safety is paramount.

You can tell ours is LFGB grade by squeezing the silicone – you will not see a white line. The white line is an indication of the fillers used in other cheaper grades.

  • Food pops out easily-won’t snap like plastic
  • Nine ideal portion sizes for baby-9x75 ml = 675 ml
  • 100% baby safe-no BPA or phthalates
  • Silicone is durable and will not scratch and scuff like plastic
  • Bacteria resistant, due to its non-porous nature
  • Can be used in the oven up to 240°c
  • Extra support underneath = Extreme sturdy (unlike silicone muffin trays)-no spillage
  • Clip on lid – makes it easily stackable and prevents freezer burn

3 freezer pods are the preferred solution – 27 meals ready to go.

3 colours makes them easy to identify in the freezer.

For example – blue: chicken, peach: veggies, mint: fruit

For your convenience wean meister offers a 3 pack saving of $15