Frozen Yogurts!

For this you will need to make some adaptions to the Freezer Pod.  You will need to cut some stick holes into the lid.  It is very easy to do.  You can use a Stanley knife and a ruler.  The silicone is very easy to cut, so don’t apply too much pressure and make sure your leaning on an old newspaper to protect your surfaces.

frozen yogurt lollies

Or else the yogurt is usually thick enough not to bother with the lid, the sticks can just go straight in.

frozen yogurt lollies

For sticks, you can recycle those that were shop bought lollies or else you are able to buy packets of lolly sticks in many hardware or craft stores.

Ask your child to help you.  You simply spoon in some shop bought yogurt to the top.  Pop on the lid.  Stick the sticks through the holes and freeze.

It’s a really great way to use up yogurt that may be close to reaching its use by date.

They make a great sized lolly for a small child and they are so thrilled to have actually produced their tasty treat.

You can make the lollies more interesting by adding chunks of frozen fruit to the pods.  A clever way of encouraging extra fruit into your child’s diet.






You will find frozen yogurts in action at the end of this video…