Launching NEW Branding and NEW Products!

Wean Meister has chosen beautiful water colours and mandala artwork for Branding identity.

Mandalas represent wholeness and connection to life and the universe.

Through our blog, we aim to support Mums holistically – empowering your body, mind, and spirit. Enabling you to get the very best from your motherhood journey and family life.

Through our foxy forest scene wean meister brings a little creativity to the baby feeding market.  We have fun with baby feeding.  It is also directly in line with our new forest friends prints.

*NEW PRODUCT* Sippy Skillz:

Brand new and completely unique on the market.  Sippy Skillz have been designed with your baby in mind.

  • Dentists recommend your baby drinks from an open cup to prevent tooth decay

  • Wide base – prevents spillage

  • 2 handles to make it easy for little hands to hold

  • Measurement lines – as a guide to how much your baby is drinking

  • Extremely durable

  • Bacteria resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Your baby might surprise you how quickly they learn new skills

  • Let them learn in the waterproof, Easy Rinse Bib

  • Suitable from 6 months – 4 years

*NEW PRODUCT* – Scoopsy Plate

Brand new and completely unique on the market.  Scoopsy Plates have been designed to support your toddle with independent self-feeding.

  • Overhanging edge – easy to get food on spoon.

  • Toddler friendly food dividers

  • Bottom of plate – anti-slip silicone

  • Durable – will last for years

  • High grade LFGB silicone – your baby’s safety is top of our list!

  • FUN

  • Encourages independence and self-feeding

  • Resists stains

  • Geometric edge – high quality finish

  • Quirky irregular shape


AdoraBowls have been a family favourite for 5 years now.  They still have the same awesome suction lid, but we made a few tweaks to perfect this unique and versatile product.

  • Improved wide base

  • New pattern – modern herringbone design – family friendly.

  • New measurement lines inside showing up to 300ml

  • 6 new colours

*NEW PRINTS & COLOURS* – Easy Rinse Bibs

  • Forest Friends Theme – bohemian bunny

  • Forest Friends Theme – funky foxes

  • Forest Friends Theme – beatnik bear

  • 6 beautiful new colours

  • Choose printed or plain designs

  • Proudly the best waterproof bibs on the market

  • These bibs will catch everything

  • Completely unrestrictive

  • Extremely soft and comfortable

  • Suitable from 6 months – 3 years

The Easy Rinse Bib and Sippy Skillz Training Cup are designed to be used together.

Of course learning to drink from an open cup will be messy.  But there is no fuss and no drama with the completely awesome and waterproof Easy Rinse Bib.

The tray collects all spills and keeps clothing dry.

Your baby is going to love experimenting with this small, soft cup. S/he will have lots of FUN harnessing these ‘big kid skills’. And preventing tooth decay while they’re at it.

Don’t under estimate how quickly your baby will pick up this new skill.

Dentists recommend teaching your baby to drink from an open cup from 6 months.

Wean Meister LOVES nature, fresh air and trees!!
So our new theme has 3 cute new characters – they are fun loving, playful and connected to the natural world.

Beatnik Bear, Bohemian Bunny and Funky Foxes will be proudly printed on our Easy Rinse Bibs and embossed on to our brand new Mini AdoraBowls (*COMING SOON!*)

Wean Meister has 3 NEW PRODUCTS and 6 NEW COLOURS.  We also made some tweaks to perfect our existing products as well as creating a new print for our Easy Rinse Bibs.

Your baby’s safety is paramount to wean meister.  That is why we surpass safety guidelines and use high grade LFGB on our products.  You can be sure our silicone does not omit any nasty chemicals.  BPA Free, Phalates Free.

WOW – That’s a wrap! Delighted to be finally releasing the new Wean Meister to the world.  I hope you like it.

Sarah x.
wean meister- Founder