This is where we put our money where our mouth is…

Our silicone bibs are the best on the market.

But because quality is very hard to show online, and there's so many 'similar looking' bibs out there, we would be honored to prove this to you.

We'll send you a unique shopping link so you can claim your free bib and see what all the fuss is about!


1. The Sturdiness Factor

Ours holds its shape.

The soft tray remains perfectly open, even when lying flat as shown here.

2. The Weight

Although ours are extremely light weight at 140g, they are not flimsy / thin and prone to ripping, as others are at 112g or less.

It's these subtle differences that add up.

3. The Buttons

Ours line up perfectly, our competitors seem to ripple slightly where they don't join properly.

Ours are more secure too.

4. The finish

Our joins are neat and tidy.

6. The Feel

I know we're biased, but there's no denying the difference to the touch.

Ours are silky soft.

6. The Longevity

We literally get no returns or complaints about these bibs - only praise!

The return rate is approx. 1 in 8,000.

We are obsessed with attention to detail, across our entire range.

Its where we really stand out from the crowd and have thrived through word-of-mouth sales for 11 years.

And why we are insta famous with mums like Tiff Hall, Jennifer Hawkins, MissKyreeLoves…

Insta Famous

7. Oh yes… our embossed logo

Just shows that we design and produce our own molds.

 You will notice everyone else prints their logo because they all purchase from the worlds largest 'knock off' market place.

I want to thank you in advance for sharing this with your friends.

Our free bibs will only be available for a limited time – so don’t miss out x.