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It is not just weaning... it's love

Is it hard to choose your favourite colour combo?

When I reflect on the journey to bring you this beautiful range, it's hard to believe that something this simple and beautiful has also been so complex!

You see the 3 NEW NEUTRAL COLOURS are designed to go with our new Stardust bibs (coming soon).
And the Stardust bibs will come with a free tool to help every parent understand their own baby better through their sun, moon and rising signs.

Blimmin ek!!
It was my lock down project, that lasted way beyond lockdown.  And (apart from my children), it's my proudest work so far because it is completely unique and will be so interesting for parents!  
There is so much to tell you about that, all in good time... 
But I couldn't wait to share the new colours.  I literally can't pick a favourite.  There is a set for every style and personality.

Thanks for being here - we are nothing without you.

Coming soon... personalized free reports for every parent, on their baby's very own Sun, Moon and Rising signs.  So that you, as a parent, can truly understand some of the astrological energies present within your child. 
Fascinating and made for you with love. 
Watch this space!!