Our Promise

At Wean Meister, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products. Safety is of paramount importance to us. As parents we know how precious our babies are and we take every measure to ensure they are kept safe from harm.

We have an excellent manufacturer who has strict quality controls in place. We then ensure that the Freezer Pods are thoroughly tested by a third party to ensure they are free from chemicals and toxins and are 100% safe to be used with babies food. 

Products ordered through the website will be dispatched within 24 hours. 

We hope to provide the best possible service to you in every way that we can. We really appreciate feedback and comments so please email Jodie who is in charge of customer satisfaction – jodie ‘@’ weanmeister.com.au. I promise we will get back to you!

Finally, we promise to pledge 1% of our profits and time to the charity Save the Children.   Because we know that if every business and every person committed to this, we would eradicate poverty from this world.

Thanks for your interest, I’m sure you’ll find our silicone baby feeding products extremely useful when feeding your baby.

Wean Meister’s Director