Recycling Freezer Pods


We take so much pride in being the original creators of the Freezer Pod mold! It started all the way back in 2009 when founder Sarah discovered a huge gap in the market for a solution to effectively store and freeze homemade baby food – without the issues of trays snapping, scratching or taking up loads of room in the freezer like plastic tupperware and ice trays! The silicone Freezer Pod mold was born and has been unbelievably popular with parents all around the world ever since, saving them time and money and enabling them to quickly feed their babies homemade and nutritious food at ease.


Although the obvious use for the Freezer Pods is to freeze baby food, one of the things we love most about this product is how it can be recycled and reused in so many different ways once you are past the weaning phase. In an age of huge eco concern and environmental awareness, it’s so rewarding knowing that we have developed a product that can be used again and again – and we want to help you do just that!


So we have put together our favourite ideas to help you with reusing and recycling Freezer Pods!!

1. Ice pops

Mix up your favourite juices or flavoured waters and pour them into the moulds. You can also add small pieces of fruit like raspberrys, blueberrys or pomegranate seeds. Next you will need to make some adaptations to the Freezer Pod by cutting some stick holes into the lid, which is very easy to do with a Stanley knife and a ruler. The silicone is easy to cut, so don’t apply too much pressure and make sure you’re leaning on an old newspaper to protect your surfaces. Once you place the lid back on, insert some old ice lolly sticks into the new holes – then slide the whole tray into the freezer until the pops ice over!

recycling freezer pods - ice pops


2. Frozen yoghurt 

Just like the above adaptation, you can also make frozen yoghurt pods with old ice lolly sticks. This time, pour a yoghurt based mix into the freezer pods instead for a delicious creamy treat (this is also a great way to use up yoghurt that has nearly reached its sell by date!)

recycling freezer pods -frozen yoghurt


3. Freezing homemade stock 

One of our most popular alternative uses for the freezer pods is to freeze homemade stock! The portion sizes are perfect to add to different recipes, and you’re able to pop them out individually without having to defrost an entire batch all at once.

recycling freezer pods - freezing stock


4. Freezing soup

If you enjoy making up big batches of soup but can’t seem to eat it all before it goes off, this solution is perfect for you! Freeze the leftover soup in the freezer pods and when you want to tuck in again, you can pop the soup pods out into our Adorabowls to defrost perfect portion sizes in the microwave.


5. Baking Muffins & Cupcakes 

Did you know our freezer pods are oven proof up to 240 degrees! They make fantastic baking trays as the non-stick silicone doesn’t require greasing, you don’t have to faff around with cupcake cases or papers, they are easy to wash up and they are perfectly sized! Have a look at our recent blog post on muffin recipes for some more inspiration.  

Freezer pod muffins


6. Jelly pods 

Make your favourite jelly recipe and pour it into the freezer pods as the mold to help your jelly set in the fridge! You can add little pieces of fruit to this too for a healthy and pretty addition to a traditional dessert.



7. Breast milk storage

Our freezer pods are 75ml in size, so you can judge how much milk you are storing and how much you want to give to the baby, depending on their feed size. This also gives Mum the opportunity to say, just give them X amount of pods if someone else is doing the feed for you. Our pods are very sturdy with extra support underneath, so it won’t bend even when full. Most importantly, you are able to write on the smooth circles of the lids with permanent or ball point pen and this then washes off in hot, soapy water. So you will always know when the milk was frozen and when to discard it. Thanks to the flexibility of the silicone the milk pops out easily and can then be thawed in a clean glass jug, ready for pouring straight into a bottle. For more information on this, head to our blog post on freezing breast milk


8. Doggy icey treats 

The kids aren’t the only ones who get to have all the fun! Add a couple of doggy treats such as jerky into each pod, then top up with chicken or beef stock. Leave to freeze and treat your pooch to an icey cold treat on hot summer days.


9. Floral and fruity giant ice cubes 

Pour water into each of the freezer pods and add in a couple of edible flowers, mint leaves or small pieces of fruit for a tasty and beautiful effect! Pop these out once frozen and use them as giant ice cubes in big pitchers of drinks or punch bowls.


10. Finger food tray 

Do you have a toddler that can’t have certain food touch other foods?! We feel your pain! Use the individual pods to store separate finger foods such as fruit, veggie sticks, popcorn, cubes of cheese, dip, crackers and so much more! (You should also check out our Scoopsy Plate which is great for separating bigger meals!)


11. Arts and crafts 

Don’t fancy using the freezer pods for food? They make fantastic paint palettes and play doh storage pots!


If you have any new ideas on recycling freezer pods that we haven’t listed above, please let us know! We love hearing about the creative ways you use our products in your homes!