Scoopsy Plate

Toddler friendly
Divider plate

Scoopsy Plate

Toddler Friendly Divider Plate

Over hanging edge

Specially designed to make it easier for your toddler to scoop up food
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“The design of this plate is really thoughtful. The slightly curved in edge really does help Charlie get the food on his spoon. Thanks for another great product wean meister!”

Jo - Mornington VIC

“The attention to detail is noticeable on this product. Love the geo-style edging on the front and back.”.

Charlotte - Brisbane QLD

Wean Meister exceeds safety guidelines and uses high grade LFGB silicone. This is because your baby’s safety is paramount.

You can tell ours is LFGB grade by squeezing the silicone – you will not see a white line. The white line is an indication of the fillers used in other cheaper grades.

  • OVER HANGING EDGE – helps your toddler get
    food on spoon
  • GEOMETRIC EDGING = High quality finish
  • 100% baby safe-no BPA or phthalates
  • TODDLER FRIENDLY food dividers
  • WON’T SCRATCH OR SCUFF – last for years
  • DURABLE – resists stains