Baby food cooking utensil

silicone spatula


Beautiful Bamboo & Silicone Spatulas

Mix your baby food creations with a soft yet sturdy
– Matching spatula

Weaning has never been so stylish!

silicone spatula wean meister

“I love the bamboo handles and that it matches my freezer pods.”

Suzie - Pacific Pines QLD

Wean Meister exceeds safety guidelines and uses high grade LFGB silicone. This is because your baby’s safety is paramount.

You can tell ours is LFGB grade by squeezing the silicone – you will not see a white line. The white line is an indication of the fillers used in other cheaper grades.

silicone spatula
  • 3 COLOURS – match the freezer pods
  • HIGH GRADE LFGB SILCONE – Your baby’s well-being is paramount
  • Bacteria resistant, due to its non-porous nature
  • Can be used up to 240 c
  • DURABLE – resists stains
  • Clip on lid – makes it easily stackable and prevents freezer burn
silicone spatula

The spatula is the perfect weaning compliment to the freezer pods.

Only $10