More happy customers.

These are such a great and easy way to store baby food. Love them!
Therese Cameron

Thank you very much. Sooo love these Adorabowls!
Seona Hartseil

I just received my order and saw your note. Thank you so much for sending me extra Freezer Pod – it is very kind of you! Funnily enough turquoise was my favourite color, haha but it is all good!
On another note, I wanted to compliment you on how amazing the products are! They are of such a high quality, sturdy and so nice to touch! The Pods have so many ideas for use even after the babies grow – my husband already “stole” one of them for ice cube purpose! 🙂
Thanks a lot. They are much better than I expected and it is such a pleasant surprise! Cant wait to try some of the new and yummy things for my little girl to discover.
Maria Bott

We’ve all used your Wean Meister products and absolutely loved them, we love that they are made from silicon, they are durable that freezer pods and bowls can be used well past the weaning stage of our bubs and that they look good too!
Stephanie Axton

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I had them the next day after placing order. I’ve already got them on the go and in the freezer filled with goodies for the baby ( and one tray for me). I love that I could cook in them and then they could go in the freezer = less dishes for me. Thanks!
Susan Coleman

I love wean meister!
When I first wanted to start freezing food for my baby I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted so I purchased wean meister and another companies storage containers. The other freezer trays annoyed me so much. I have to bang the tray hard against the kitchen bench for them to pop out.
With wean meister I just have to gently push and it comes out so easily!
I’ve just ordered some more and have been telling my friends about them.
I can’t wait to use them for other things as she grows older. (ice blocks, frozen yogurt, jelly moulds, and baking yummy food.
What a fantastic idea!
Jessica Brown

Hi Sarah just wanted to say I love them so much better then expected. I’m going to use them today. My son Riley loved playing with the pods when they arrived. But most of all loved the packaging! He thought it was a great crown & has been wearing this for days hehe!
Maria Johnstone

My baby started weaning just as I was getting ready to go back to work. Wean Meister freezer pods meant that I could make and freeze his first fruit and vegetable purees and I could go back to work safe in the knowledge that I had a good supply of healthy, homemade food for my baby. It certainly made those first few stressful weeks easier. Thanks Wean Meister!
Laura Cole

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I am thrilled with the wean meister pods that came in the mail yesterday! I have been cooking up a storm for my little boy and I am most impressed with the size of each portion. I have tried heaps of other products and they are all either too small (portion size), too fiddly or a combination. I also like that they are sturdy and not as flimsy as other silicone products and the lids fix on properly. I will definitely recommend the wean meister to all my friends:) You’re selling a winner here! Thanks again from a VERY happy customer!!
Sophie Dawson