Happy customers.

I have just placed an order for some bibs!    I have been using your products since my daughter Ivy was born 4 years ago and now all over again for our little 4mth old Stella.  They are without a doubt the best products on the market!   I have a constant stash in the freezer and before baby Stella they were great for ice creams and jelly!    I had given the bibs to my sister when she had a baby and now realise how much I miss the super easy to clean ones that you have (as I have a constant soaking tub of cloth bibs in the laundry – urgh!).
Donna Papworth

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly very impressed and glad to be dealing with such professionalism! I’m glad I contacted you also…
Don’t worry to much there was no need for a postage refund. These things always happen to me lol! Just super excited to receive them and start making Amélie’s first foods!
I will let you know when they arrive safe and sound. Thank you once again for being so quick to respond and have this sorted, truly appreciated.
Christie Macbeth

We have one of these bibs already and are back to buy more. They are great! Best I have seen on the market.
Jenny Doherty

Bought a Freezer Pod at Baby Road and it has been INCREDIBLE!!! Had to get more to continue the big cook ups for baby:) Life is much simpler with them!
Rhiannon Line

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I had them the next day after placing order. I’ve already got them on the go and in the freezer filled with goodies for the baby ( and one tray for me). I love that I could cook in them and then they could go in the freezer = less dishes for me. Thanks!
Susan Coleman

About 4 years ago, I was looking for something to freeze slightly larger portions of food for my baby. Then I came across the pods. Oh my gosh have we gotten our use out of them! I absolutely love them! For baby food, muffins, freezing stock. I use them every day, and now for my second baby who’s just started to eat.
Jennifer Rainbow

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your great service!  I have just received my order this morning and they look great.
Kate Schliefert

I absolutely love them and so does the little man! You have gone above and beyond what I was asking for and I sincerely appreciate the fantastic customer service.
I truly love the bib shape (other easy clean bibs tend to fold in on themselves) as Harrison tends to spit out a lot of water while he drinks amongst the usual toddler food mess! The also look nice & due to the ‘floppy’ material used, it doesn’t annoy him behind his neck like the other bibs.
Sandra Haigh

I just want to thank you for your prompt help. I received the products on time and could give them to my sister.
Thank you =)
Milhwa Lee