What we do and what we stand for.


A very wise woman – Danielle La Porte once said “If Philanthropy isn’t part of your business, you’re not doing it right” and I couldn’t agree more.


Historically Wean Meister has been giving where we can in the form of donations to charitable events.
We receive regular emails from people locally and nationally raising money for extremely important causes and we are delighted to support their raffles.

As the business grew I wanted to do more, so we started monthly donations to a charity close my heart – Assistance Dogs Australia.

When we lived in Ireland for a year we fostered Izzy, before she was old enough to begin her training to support disabled children to live a full life.

It was a beautiful experience that I will most certainly be doing again (I have a bit of a puppy obsession, so it suits me well).

When we came back to Australia I was approached by Assistance dogs Australia.  Their funding goes mainly towards helping suffers of post-traumatic stress disorders.  Their dogs help sooth people that otherwise are not able to leave the house.  They also change the lives of disabled children like the Irish charity.  Wean Meister supports this charity doing amazing work with zero government funding.


I was at a time when I was evaluating how to grow the business, but also how to make the business more meaningful to my life and the lives of others.  It is hard to choose just one charity so I was going to support a different charity each month.  But then I had a better idea!


I intend to teach local children Entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to set up their own micro businesses.  Wean Meister will sponsor those children and the markets or sales platforms that we devise together.

The profits of the events will go to charities chosen by the children involved!!
I am super excited about this WIN WIN WIN philanthropic idea, as I could sponsor a child for $100, that child might end up making $500?  If I have 10 children in my group I might spend $1K in sponsorship, and we could potentially raise $5K+ for charities!

The positive outcomes of this approach are many:

  • The money donated is significantly more than a flat donation.
  • Children get to learn valuable skills in entrepreneurship that they can take with them to future projects in their lives.
  • Children get to learn the value of giving to others less fortunate – a positive ethos for our future world!!!
  • I get my head out of my own business for a bit and back into the classroom (I used to be a primary school teacher 10 years ago…)
  • Running a work from home business can be quite isolating and it’s really important to me to feel successful in ways other than my own profit. I am trying to enjoy the business journey as much as I can.  I feel I have valuable skills and experience that I would love to share with the children in my community.  I will also love organising the local events at markets, etc…
  • It sets a great example of good business to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Having thought about this idea, I discovered a MARVELOUS organization called Club Kidpreneur.  Their values are exactly in line with my own and they have already spent years perfecting this idea.  They have even devised a full lesson plan which is in line with the national curriculum.

I am completely inspired by their good work and what they have achieved with the children they work with.  So I will be honored to work alongside them, using their material and helping to publicize their cause as much as we can!

I had hoped to be working on these ideas already.  But I have found the new wean meister re-launch completely overwhelming on my time.  Therefore I have decided to use the rest of 2017 to get up to speed on the Kidpreneur Syllabus and connect with the school.  Ready for action in 2018.

How exciting!! ;o)


Feel like getting inspired by an incredible young girl whose passion for life is sky high… watch this: