What we do

We create truly useful and time saving baby feeding products. Empowering Mums, Dads and Babies to concentrate on making a mess and having a wonderful time doing it!!


Wean Meister has sold over 150,000 units since we began trading in 2010. We have thrived on nearly word of mouth alone for the first 6 years of business – how? Because all the people that are using Wean Meister products literally rave about them and tell all their friends.
Mum’s LOVE Freezer Pods… they are just so incredibly handy!!


wean meister forest friendsInspired by all the natural beauty in the world, Wean Meister aims to bring a bit of creativity to the baby feeding market.


We are passionate about creating a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. In motherhood and the weaning stage, this starts with your baby’s food!


Wean Meister features beautiful mandala art across our branding. This is because they represent wholeness and connection to life and the universe.

Through our blog, we aim to support Mum’s holistically – in their body, mind, and spirit. Enabling them to get the very best from their motherhood journeys and family life.


Bought to you by Mum of 2 Sarah Marriott, who spotted the gap in the market when weaning her own children.

You can read more about her story here.