What’s our story

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The beginning…

As a new Mum in 2009, I was delighted to be experimenting with new flavours for my little one. I got right in there, making my own nutritious food; I never saw the value in wasting my money on bland jars and packets of pre-made baby food that had been sat on the shelf for goodness knows how long.
I bought some ice-cube trays, so I could start banking up my food creations in the freezer, which were highly ineffective. I nearly sliced my finger off when it snapped under pressure one day. I went through a few of these.
Plastic pots did not satisfy me. I had lids all over the place, taking up room, fiddly to wash up and not particularly convenient. This was where the Freezer Pods dream began. Such a simple concept;
  • to freeze baby food safely
  • to be quick and easy to retrieve
  • and I wanted them to look good!
The most outstanding thing about this product was its multi-functionality. Parents started gushing about the dozens of ways they were re-using their Freezer Pods after the weaning phase.
Needless to say I was completely thrilled to see the great response the Freezer Pods received. I got a real buzz out of solving a genuine problem for parents and was driven to do more.
wean meister

The “busy’ness”

(aka Mum in growing business)
My second daughter was born in 2012 and what perfect timing to road test my new products!
I think that ‘being’ my target market has been invaluable. I have a clear understanding of what works during the baby weaning phase and what is missing in the market.
Our AdoraBowls provide an easy and fun way to prepare and store baby food.
Such a great product for keeping homemade food or snacks in the fridge/freezer. I used AdoraBowls every day. I was delighted that they worked out so well for me, so I know you’ll love them too!
We continued to grow each year.  By 2014 we moved out of the garage and into a warehouse!
Wean Meister was my blessing and my curse.  I was so proud of what I had achieved and turning a profit.  But constantly burnt out from the strain of juggling it around our young family. 
I learnt so much about depression and anxiety over these years.  Something that I had never experienced before, but was now threatening to overwhelm me.
In 2015 we made a bold move and decided to go and live with our big Irish family in Dublin for a while.
The freedom of running an online business is incredible. 
I am forever grateful that wean meister was able to provide that opportunity.  It was business as usual, just from the other side of the globe!

To Ireland

(…to be sure!)
wean meister in irelandHaving family support for the first time was truly life changing.  We had so much time and space to reflect on the future of our family and the business.  Also to heal from the burn out.
I have always had new product ideas and customers were often asking me what is coming next.  But I struggled to find the time and motivation to actualise my ideas.  I was also concerned that I was ‘growing out’ of my target market.
Given that time was now on my side, I turned to yoga and meditation. 
I knew the power of these tools, they had helped my with post-natal depression in the past.  Now was the time to really commit to a daily practice that slowly changed my whole perspective.
I realised that even though my babies are not young anymore I have a strong passion to help other mums reach their full potential. 


I have learnt so much along the way.  Motherhood is the hardest and best job in the world, there are tools and techniques in yoga and meditation that are free, can be done in your own living room and can make you shine brightly from within.
I would LOVE to use wean meister as a vehicle for inspiring Mum’s to live their best lives.
So my time in Dublin triggered a desire to re-invent the Brand, to inject creativity and soul into everything we produce and inspire a deep connection between Mum’s and their babies.
We also created some additional products that our customers were looking for.  We couldn’t be more proud of our new sippy skillz and scoopsy plate.  Market research has told us, these products are sure for the same success as the freezer pods.
Ours is a truly family orientated business, we try to inject a bit of fun and love into everything we do!
Sarah x.
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