The shipping and tax complications makes it unaffordable unfortunately.  However, we will be launching websites and warehouses  in the UK and USA very soon.  Watch this space!

Our products are shipped from Melbourne VIC, and should take between 2-8 days to arrive depending on your location.

Not at this time, but it is a feature we are looking to add.

Absolutely!  You can sterilise in a regular sterilizer, microwave or you could even boil them.

However you like! They are safe up to 240 degrees C.

So sorry, this is not possible.  Our products are packaged during the manufacturing phase and if we break packaging to mix and match colours, we would be left with another 2 pack unable to sell.

Freezer pods – 75ml

AdoraBowls – 300ml

Mini-AdoraBowls – 150ml

We don’t have any spare lids in stock at this time, so sorry, I am waiting for some spares from our manufacturer with our next production.

Generally we don’t find our products have a strong odour, however a small percentage of customers do comment to us about the smell of the silicone. 
Some people have used vinegar and/or bi-carb for their odour removing properties, also boiling the silicone can remove this odour.

But please be reassured that the silicone is not dangerous or omitting anything nasty.  We actually surpass food safety standards because we use LFGB silicone, which is a higher grade than the regular FDA grade that you will see in most shops/supermarkets.  The way you can tell is by squeezing the silicone very hard.  If it shows a white line, this shows FDA standard, that white line is the fillers used.  Our Freezer Pods and AdoraBowls are high grade and will not produce the white line when squeezed.

The reason we use the highest-grade silicone is because your baby’s health and safety is at the very top of our priorities, so you don’t need to worry.

Yes!  Our Freezer Pods, AdoraBowls, and Scoopsy Bowls are all great containers for baking in and can be put in the oven up to 240°C.

You certainly can!  However, because of the nature of microwaves it is difficult to gage when a temperature goes above 240°C (the safe threshold for silicone).
Just be mindful not to over microwave.  Don't heat for more than a minute at a time.

Yes you can, although we have stopped advertising this on the website, because we discovered that sometimes silicone can take on the taste of the dishwasher tablets.
If this has happened to you however don’t worry.  You can remove this unwanted soapy taste by boiling your products in a pot of water for 20 minutes.  This should bring the silicone back to it's original condition.

Honestly our experience is so variable. Very occasionally we hear about staining.  The answer is yes and no…

It will obviously depend massively on the type of food used.
In our thorough 10 year experience we have found:

- The most likely time for your products to stain is within the first couple of times of use.
- The more your products are used, the more stain resistant they become.
If you do experience early staining, rest assured the stains certainly do fade over time and eventually build up a bit of tolerance to staining.
Often boiling the products in water will lift the stain.
- The lighter colours are more susceptible to staining, if at all.

- Many, many customers love wean meister so much because their products still look like new after hundreds of uses and washes.