BPA Free Storage Containers

It is no wonder that many parents are now searching for BPA free storage containers as they are concerned about the possible effects BPA will have on their growing babies.

BPA is a chemical found in some plastics, when this is heated it causes the chemical to leech out into the baby’s food or milk. The effects of this are now being thoroughly researched but there are indications that BPA can cause developmental problems to child’s brains and hormonal systems. There are also concerns that BPA may also lead to infertility, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Types of BPA Free Storage Containers

Apart from the bowl that you feed your baby from, you may need something to keep home-made food in the fridge or freezer. You may also need a container with a secure lid, so that you can take food in your bag on outings or for day care.
There are numerous BPA free storage solutions on the market, coming in a great variety of shapes and sizes to suit.

If you’re looking to Freeze Home-made baby Food

Freezer Pods are made from silicone and are free from BPA and other chemicals such as phthalates. They provide the ultimate convenience for freezing home-made baby food as the silicone is flexible, which makes the food so much easier to retrieve than the plastic alternatives and will never snap.

They are extremely sturdy, with extra support underneath and a clip on lid to ensure that food is not spilt in the freezer and they are easily stackable which saves space.

Each Pod contains 9 75ml portions, which provides 9 perfect meal sizes for baby, which saves you time and money every day. You can find out more about Freezer Pods here

Ice-Cube Trays

Ice-cube trays are often used in the early stages of weaning. But parents will usually become frustrated with the difficulty in retrieving frozen food from plastic and this often results in snapping and food cubes flying across the counter in all directions.

Also they do not have a lid, which makes for a very messy freezer, trying to balance them without spilling. By the time the child is 7 or 8 months you find you need a lot of fiddly ice-cube trays and this becomes a daily annoyance.

Plastic pots

As they grow older, some parents move onto freezing in plastic pots. Batch cooking home-made baby food will save you time and money as well as the biggest benefit, no additives or preservatives for your baby.

If you use plastic pots for batch cooking, you have to be prepared to have dozens of small pots and lids all around the kitchen, this means a lot of washing up and space in the cupboards.

With Freezer Pods you just need one pod and one lid for nine easy meals for baby. The silicone is bacteria resistant and extremely easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher and after the weaning phase they can be reused in many other ways.


It’s always a good idea to write the contents and date on your frozen food, this can be tricky with plastic and sticky labels always fall off in the freezer.

You can easily write on the smooth circles of a Freezer Pod lid with either permanent or ball point pen and this then washes off with hot soapy water for next time.

Freezer Pods are a great choice when it comes to BPA free storage containers. You may be surprised to find out about their recycling potential.

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