Breast Milk Storage Containers

Breast feeding gives your baby such a great start in life and is a wonderful bonding experience between Mum and baby. But it’s constant, all day and night, every day and night. It is almost unavoidable that at some point, the Mum will need to miss a feed for one reason or another.

Therefore most breast feeding mothers will eventually try and bank up a supply of milk in the freezer, so that they are able to escape a feed or two and someone else can take over, using your own good milk in a bottle. This leaves the question, what kind of breast milk storage containers should I use?

Ice-Cube Trays

Most of us already have these in the house. However breast milk is extremely sticky, and using an ice-cube tray will very probably result in a sticky mess in your freezer. It is also open to contamination and freezer burn, something you should certainly be looking to avoid.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

There are many to choose on the market and give you the chance to monitor the amount that you are freezing. But no matter how hard you try, the bags always tend to leak and they can be pretty fiddly to use. Some people use zip lock bags as they are cheaper and these have the same sets of problems and they are not sterile inside.

Plastic Containers with Lids

There are some which are specifically designed for breast milk and any container with a lid is likely to be the cleanest and easiest option.

Silicone Freezer Pods

These are 75ml in size, so you can judge how much milk you are storing. This gives Mum the opportunity to say, just give X amount of pods, depending on babies feed size. They are very sturdy with extra support underneath, so it won’t bend even when full.

Most importantly, you are able to write on the smooth circles of the lids with permanent or ball point pen and this then washes of in hot, soapy water. So you will always know when the milk was frozen and when to dis guard.

Thanks to the flexibility of the silicone the milk pops out easily and can then be thawed in a clean glass jug, ready for pouring straight into a bottle.

You shouldn’t keep breast milk in the freezer for longer than 4 months. The Freezer Pods can later be used to freeze baby food, and have masses of recycling potential after that.

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